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[IP] Re: Possible sof-set comfort for women

> I still can't get a
> comfortable place on my tummy with the sof-sets.

I would guess that most of us, women, wear garments that have waistbands and
somewhat fitted areas just below the waist---ie., the abdomen, so that the
small protrusion from any inserted "item"---and I use micro sof-sets, too--
is going to get rubbed, pushed against, etc., by simply the weight of the
clothing and the undergarments over it.  Months ago, I read in some pump
literature that 'men' tend to use their upper abdomen (above the waist) and
women tend to use their lower abdomen (below the waist).  Over a year ago I
switched, as one of those "women"  to using the area "above" my waistline.
The comfort problems completely disappeared---and I'm thin so the excuse
that there is nothing to put the "micro" into in that area doesn't work
<smile>.  So, ladies, revolt!  Try your upper abdomen if you are having
trouble with the ol' lower....

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