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[IP] Re: Short duration exercise

>  So, if I'm going to work out for 30 minutes, when should I set the temp
>  basal?  Should I continue to reduce it by half for the time before and
>  during my workout?

A little ol' 30 minutes  of exercise probably doesn't really shock the
system too much, especially depending on what your blood sugar is before you
start.  If you're a little high,  30 minutes of exercise will help bring you
down.  If you're a little low, 10-15g of carbohydrate, or whatever you need
to bring your blood sugar up to cover the type of exercise you're doing will
help--always, YMMV---and try it different ways and see what happens---what
kind of exercise uses up how much carbohydrate for you/ how much does you BG
fall during 30 minutes of the (different) type(s) of exercise (eg., speed
walking vs. bicycling, etc.). And, be prepared with tabs or candy and test
kit if you're heading out vs. exercising in one location.

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