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[IP] Growth Spurt

>hi This is Sylvia, mom to Joshua, 9, we just went through a growth spurt 
>and I had to do a total increase too.  It does happen and will happen many 
>more times.  Also, i fyour son is coming of honeymoon (Josh's lasted almost 
>years apparently) then you are getting a double whammy.  So you should see 
>(hopefully) a bit of time where things settle down for alittle while.


Thanks for your reaffirming reply.  It's nice to know we are having "normal" 
changes.  The change in insulin need was so dramatic it took me by surprise. 

 I changed sets many times over the three weeks (sometimes 3 in one day) and 
could never get the blood glucose down for more than a few hours.  I opened 
new insulin, I bought new insulin, I injected! I finally figured it out 
because we had a week of camp in the middle of this time, and for this week 
only blood glucose was perfect- understand this was with 100 % or more of 
extra exercise and no reduction in insulin!  As soon as we got home from camp 
it was back in the 200-300's. 

 Upping every basal .15 instantly fixed everything but now I've cut the 
increase back to .1 as after a day we started having some lows.  John's 
previous basals only ranged from .15 to .3 so It was a dramatic jump.  

I feel like next time I see this I'll know what to do but the emphasis in 
dealing with highs is to do a lot of trouble shooting with the pump and 
infusion set.  I thought the need for a basal change would be small changes 
in bg with it creeping higher and higher.

I always enjoy your posts and learn a lot from them.  

Mom to John,7, pumping 3-30-01
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