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[IP] Doughnut/square wave bolus for fat

Okay, today's my day to finally submit some questions...

How do people figure a doughnut?  (ie. maybe using dual wave bolus, square 
some over ? hours...)

On a similar topic, how long do people tend to square wave an amount for fat 
over?  I have trouble with this... (Longer seems better for me, typically.)

And I read yesterday that a nutritionist noted that carbs are metabolized 
more slowly when eaten with fat.  In that case, what do people do?  Square 
wave for a portion of carb when eaten with fat?  Over how long?

Thanks.  (As mentioned previously, I am no longer on 'regular mail' list, so 
if replying, if you could send to me directly at email @ redacted, I will copy 
list after.  Thank you.)

Julie  :)
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