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[IP] Highs after overeating

I find that when I overeat (i.e., nosh on 4 bowls of cereal, etc.) and reach 
some sort of high carboyhydrate level, the 'appropriate' amount of insulin no 
longer works.  I did this last night, took my bolus plus a unit or so, and 
was 346 at 5am.  Does this happen to other people!  I realize that eating 4 
bowls of cereal before bed is not advisable.  However... does anyone have any 
'rules of thumb' that work for them regarding eating a large amount of carb?  
(Ironically, there was no fat in the 'meal'.)

(As I am no longer on the 'regular' mailing list, but only on browser, if you 
could reply to me directly and I'll forward to the general mailbox, I'd 
appreciate it.)


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