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[IP] Fwd: Lumps under skin from pump site

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Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2001 02:47:53 EDT
Subject: Lumps under skin from pump site
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I have a lump under my skin (abdomen) - from leaving the pump in for an extra 
day.  It's not infected, per se, (this has happened to me before), but I 
can't remember what I should do... are you supposed to put a warm compress on 
it to help the lump dissolve?

Also, I have trouble remembering when I last changed my site.  I usually just 
put enough insulin in the pump so that I won't have the site for more than 3 
days.  (However, obviously this system is not perfect.)  Does anyone have any 
good tips for remembering when their site was last changed??

Julie (pumping since 11/99)
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