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[IP] Fwd: Post-exercise blood sugars

If anyone replies to this, can you please send it to me directly 
(email @ redacted) as I am no longer on the 'regular' mailing list, and would 
otherwise probably miss the reply by trying to browse through the archives... 
I can then forward to the website for others to read, as well.

Thank you.
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Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2001 03:01:53 EDT
Subject: Post-exercise blood sugars
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I've been diabetic for 23 years now, and have always had trouble with 
exercise!  (In the old, pre-pump days, I'd let my sugar run high in order to 
be able to exercise and not have to consume extra calories...)  I'm at the 
point now, where my body is so adjusted to the exercise (I guess) that I 
almost never seem to get low from it!

Anyway, I have had some really frustrating situations with exercise lately... 
my blood sugar will jump from 111 to 270, in one hour, post-exercise.  I've 
noticed it particularly happens with really intense exercise (I understand 
that the body kicks out glycogen, going into starvation mode, etc.).  
However, today the exercise seemed a lot less intense, yet the same thing 

I usually remove the pump just for the cardio portion of my workout (i.e., 
step class).  I also usually am 'normal' or close to it (I'll bolus if I'm up 
a bit - usually only need 1/2 to 1 unit) immediately after the cardio - I 
check my sugar right afterward.  I had started to give a square wave of 2 
units over 2 hours, beginning an hour after the cardio exercise ends.  But 
nothing is ever predictable...this regimen has gotten me low, too... and 
today, the blood sugar 'jump' occurred within an hour and a half after the 
exercise!  (So hard to predict!)

Just wondering if anyone has experienced this and has their own 'formula' 
that works for them... I'd be interested to hear.

Also, wondering if anyone has any experience with the Glucowatch... I do 
understand that it's not meant to be 'exact', yet I think, during exercise, 
it would be really beneficial to just get an idea of where I'm at (i.e., low, 
high, or okay).

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