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Re: [IP] Microalbumin

In a message dated 6/23/01 9:32:53 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< In the last year I was told my microalb level was elevated.  I understand 
this is the initial stages of Kidney Disease.  Just curious, can this level 
go back down to a normal level (mine was 64, normal is <30) ? >>

Yes, it can go back down.  Mine has, and has been normal the last few times.  
Better control (has been more or less continuously better in the years since 
home blood glucose monitoring came out, MDI was encouraged, and now pumping 
with humalog) and ACE inhibitors seem to me to be the likely reasons.

<<Can exercising/wt training accelerate or cause this level to rise?  I went 
through a time where I had lost a lot of weight through good  diet, exercise, 
and weight training.  Did I cause this disease process to be accelerated by 
doing this?>>

I'm not a doctor, but I think that the exercise that causes protein levels to 
increase is usually exercise done just recently.  Were you being monitored 
during your weight loss?

Linda Z  
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