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Re: [IP] Low Insulin Alarm?

In a message dated 6/22/2001 5:54:03 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Someone mentioned their pump, not a mimined, gives them a 20 unit low 
>  alarm.  My daughter
>  uses a minimed and I don't think we have that perk.  

I don't know about Minimed, but the Animas pump does have a low insulin alarm 
function -- and you can tell it whether you want it to warn you when 40 units 
are left or when 20 units are left . . . 

Another thing I left off my list of things we like about Katie's pump is that 
when it displays the units remaining in the cartridge (reservoir), it's 
telling you what is *actually* left in the cartridge -- not just a calculated 
presumption based on what a full cartridge minus what's been used *should* be 
in the cartridge . . . I can't remember how this works with the other pumps 
we researched, but having it report ACTUAL insulin remaining (every time you 
"wake up" the pump -- or you can go check it on the status screen, too) and 
the low cartridge warning are one more thing that makes me love this pump!

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