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[IP] switching pumps

If you can prove to your insurance company that a certain feature(s) on the 
animas pump will help your diabetes a great deal as compared to the pump you 
have, the insurance company should consider a new pump for you.  For me that 
factor is the .05 basal rate and also the fact that the basals can be set at 
.05, .10, .15, etc.  I have almost all of my rates set at the mid-points 
that the Animas makes available so that made their pump the one I decided I 
wanted. I am very sensitive to insulin and just the 1/2 point up and/or down 
makes me go high or low, etc.   Animas was not in my insurance contract at 
the time I got my pump, but Animas worked with my insurance company for me 
so I could get their pump.
Good luck!

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