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Re: [IP] Re: infusion set blues/dinner bolusing

I ( a "seasoned? pumper of 15 months or so) have always bolused as I go.  I 
do it now without thinking about it often... sometimes after a few minutes 
after I've had a slice of two of bread I might think... hmm ... did I already 
bolus for that? and I just check the screen and realize that I did it without 
even realizing it.  I still do think when eating more complex things than 
bread, but i definitely love the aspect of bolusing as you eat so you never 
have extra insulin on board for food that you didn't eat.  I think it's one 
of the best things about pumping.  My understanding is that I'll have to 
learn to bolus shortly before eating when I decide it's time to get pregnant 
so that I won't have aftermeal spikes of 180, but so far this works great for 

Good Luck

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