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[IP] only 2 days on the MiniMed508

I've been on the pump since Thursday, after a week of saline solution. Have a 
great CDE and an even more helpful husband. It is much easier than I had 
expected. So many things bothered me, before. They didn't even come into 
effect when I finally got started. I still have some finetuning to do, with 
the basals and boluses. I'm terribly lazy, and expect to use only those 
selections on the pump that are necessary. Perhaps, after a while, I'll go 

I'm glad i tried it, and look forward to good times. No more worrying how to 
adjust my insulin (4 or so shots of animal Lente and Humalog) for 10 p.m. 
weddings or airline flights with time differences.

email @ redacted
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