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RE: [IP] Update on highs after last night's dinner

Did you set the temp. basal 1-2 hours before you worked out?  This is
the only way to really have less insulin in your system when you start
the workout as a change in basal really only takes effect  and hour or
two later.  If your bg was 116 and you had normal blood insulin levels
then it will probably drop with a workout; I would have eaten some carbs
before the workout to avoid the drop.

I leaned this from experience; I set the temp basal too soon before
working out, had a low after working out then had a real high bg a
couple hours later.  VERY frustrating I know!  I have found with a short
(30 min) workout it's easier to eat a few extra carbs than mess with the
temp basal.

YMMV of course.


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From: Heather [mailto:email @ redacted]
... Then I exercised for 30 minutes (set a temp basal at half of what I
normally use) and afterward my bg was 33!  I just can't win!  ...
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