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[IP] Restaurant drinks (was im the biggest moron there is ;))

One thing that I have learned personally and from
prior posts on this subject, is that there is no way
to ensure that the diet soda that we order is the
drink that we get (unless we test it ourselves). 
When I was having migraines because of caffeine, I
saw a food server dump a regular coffee pot into the
decaf pot so that she could make a fresh regular. 
In those places where the server is conscientious it
is just as likely that the machine or ingredients
are mislabeled.  What I have been doing is to only
drink unsweetened coffee (not often here in LV in
the summer) or tea.  If they don't have iced tea I
will probably drink water, and not return.  In this
way I don't worry about the carbs.  If it's sweet,
it's wrong.

Incidentally, I have learned where 'moron' came
from.  It was added in 1910 at a psych confab to
replace 'feeble minded' from the Greek (moros) and a
character (?) in literature.
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He who learns but does not think is lost.
He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.
 - Confucius
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