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[IP] Cartridges and Remaining Insulin

My reason for intially writing in was someone wanted to know what to do with
the remaining insulin in the cartridges to not waste it.  I don't waste any as
I just keep using the cartridge until it is empty.  I see from other replys
that other animas users do this also.  The animas cartridges can be filled
anywhere from 10 to   300 units - whatever you choose.  They are not
prefilled.   To me it just makes the most sense to fill them up completely
each time.  If you fill them halfway as someone suggested, then you just end
up using twice as many cartridges and spending double time filling.  Unless I
start having trouble with my insulin in the heat (which hasn't happened yet) I
will keep filling them clear up.  I do not notice any change in my BS readings
near the end of the cartridge.     I assume the MM maybe works different than
the Animas re site/cartridge change and maybe that is why we all have
different opinions.  On the Animas when you want to change tubing and site you
just unscrew the luer lock off your old tubing and site from the cartridge,
screw on the new tubing and prime the tubing, and then insert the tubing into
the site and bolus to fill the canula.  So there is no need to always change
the cartridge with a tubing/site change on the Animas.  Again YMMV.

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Subject: re:[IP] Cartridges and remaining insulin

From: "Trish Ober" <<A
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<snip>My animas cartridge holds 300 units.  I only use 25 to 30 units per day
and change my site every 3 days.  Many times I using the same tubing twice.
But after two site changes I still have insulin left.  I just keep using new
sites every
3 days until the cartridge is empty. <snip>

Not being an animas pumper, I offer my opinion: you probably don't need to
fill the cartridge to full.  It is possible to half fill the cartridge with
MM 508. I suspect that you can do the same with your animas.
Common sense says that you need to change
cartridge, tubing & site at the same time.

dx T2 '86, T1 '96, MM 508 since 5/15/01
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