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Re: [IP] Insurance Approval

> I have been reading messages on this site for the past couple weeks.
>  My daughter, Alyssa started the pump in May.  We must have been a
> total fluke on how the system works because the process to get our
> pump has been nothing like I have read here.

Remember in general that when everything goes "right" it is as you 
expect it. When things go wrong that is when people complain and ask 
for support. The problems you hear about in the forum are the 
exceptions to the usual and while there are lots of barriers in the 
way of getting a pump for some, the barriers are falling and you have 
benefited from that. e.g. It took 1 1/2 years to get the insurance 
company to pay for my daughter's first pump 7 years ago -- that was 
AFTER she received it. When it finally croaked, the replacement was 
on our doorstep and approved within 2 weeks. The pump was about 4 
years old -- 2 1/2 years after the end of the previous insurance 
argument. That's a big - quick - change for an insurer.

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