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Re: [IP] switching pumps

In a message dated 6/22/2001 10:24:24 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I am sure it depends on your insurance company but when I was looking to 
> upgrade they told me they only upgraded or switched if the one you have is 
> out of warranty or if there is a feature in a new pump that is a necessity. 
> I guess an example of that would be if the person had a hearing problem and 
> the other pump had louder sounds or vibrations-then you would need a 
> note stating the switch is a necessity.  
>  This is what I was told when I upgraded but every insurance company 
> has there own standards.  

I think this is all true -- and because the Animas has many features that the 
h-tron doesn't have there's a pretty good chance your doctor could pin point 
one or more of those features as being necessary for your diabetes 
management.  Animas may also be able to work with you on doing a "trade-in 
allowance" on your old pump so that you can still switch even if your 
insurance won't completely cover your new pump.  You're starting in the right 
place by talking to your local Rep -- s/he can help you figure out what to do 
and get you hooked up with the right person at Animas corporate for dealing 
with the insurance company.  (All the pump companies have people who 
"specialize" in dealing with insurance companies -- and they are often much 
more efffective than individuals.)

Good luck!
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