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Re: [IP] Have a question!?


  There have been others here that have stated this exact thing happening to 
them.  It has to do with the fact that your body became use to those high 
blood sugars.  Now that you are lowering those your body is starting to have 
the feelings of being hypo even though you are in the stable range now.  Give 
it some time and you will see that your body will then start to adapt to the 
newer lower range BGs and will acclimate (for lack of a better work) to this 
new 'climate'.  That is also why some people say that they become hypo 
unaware because if they start to have a lot of hypo episodes, the body 
doesn't think anything is out of the ordinary and become accustome to the low 

  So stick with it, listen to your body body, let it get use to finally 
dealing with good range BGs.  It shouldn't last very long at all.

mom to Joshua
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