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Re: [IP] switching pumps

I am sure it depends on your insurance company but when I was looking to upgrade they told me they only upgraded or switched if the one you have is out of warranty or if there is a feature in a new pump that is a necessity.  I guess an example of that would be if the person had a hearing problem and the other pump had louder sounds or vibrations-then you would need a doctors note stating the switch is a necessity.  
This is what I was told when I upgraded but every insurance company probably has there own standards.  


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From: "Amy Cutlip" <email @ redacted>
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Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 10:14:54 -0500

>I am currently on the H-Tron pump, but am wanting so BADLY to switch to
>the Animas.  I have a rep coming out on Monday, but does anyone here know
>if it's even possible to switch pumps with insurance and all?
>Amy Cutlip
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