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[IP] Looking for a NEW endo in San Antonio area...Any fellow S A'ers have suggestions?

I have been going to the Diabetes and Glandular Disease Clinic for 15 years
(ever since dx).  I have finally had it, though.  They recently mailed me my
24 hour urine test results with an out-of-range creatinine clearance.  No
explanations-they did not even return my phone calls.  Just a note "see you
in three months." I got the results last Thursday and of course thought the
worst.  I spent the whole weekend worrying.  I finally asked my (Dr.) boss
what the results mean.  He looked in several books and explained that
usually before kidney function starts to decline, they go into a state of
"overwork" therefore giving the elevated numbers.  NOW, shouldn't my endo be
telling me this instead of a friend?  I am doing my best to treat this
disease proactively and I want to see a nephrologist BEFORE my kidneys start
declining.  I am NOT waiting the 3 months as my doctor suggests.
Anyways, that's just my vent.  I know there are several people on this list
that live in the area, and I just wondered if any of you have any great
doctors you could recommend.

You can email me privately if you would like
Thanks a lot!!
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