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[IP] Diabetes and wrist pain?

About 3 years ago, I had terrible problems with my wrists. Sharp jolts of
pain would shoot through them and cause me to drop whatever I might have
been holding.  It was so bad that it hurt to turn a door knob or turn the
key in my car.  Writing also caused it to hurt badly.  I saw my endo, my
primary care physician, and even a specialist.  But after many appointments
and lots of testing, no one knew what it was!  They ruled out carpal tunnel,
I had nerve and muscle tests done, and even had and MRI.  Anyway, about the
only thing they could do was give me a prescription for naproxen and tell me
to sleep with a type of splint that kept my wrists cocked back towards my
forearm.  Over time it seemed to go away (thankfully!) but I still notice it
to a lesser extent at times.  It occurs mostly in my right wrist (I'm right
handed) and I notice it mostly when I'm doing a lot of writing, using the
computer keyboard and mouse, cleaning (vacuuming or scrubbing) and even when
I am baking something which requires a lot of stirring. I've stopped taking
the naproxen and wearing the splints.  It doesn't bother me that badly, but
I was curious to know if anyone else has ever had the same type of problems.

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