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[IP] Still high after last night's dinner

My husband and I went out to dinner last night and my bgs have been high
ever since.  I changed my site before we left and put it in my thigh.  I'm
hoping the highs aren't because of the site because I don't want to change
it already!  I've used thigh sites before with no problems.  Anyway, my bg
was great all day, then we went for dinner.  I had 1 lite beer, a salad with
blue cheese dressing, lots of breaded zucchini, (my favorite!) about half a
sweet potato, and a half rack of ribs covered in their special sauce.  Over
the course of the meal, I bolused 4 units.  About 2 hours after dinner my bg
was 225, so I took another 1.5 units since my correction factor is 85.  But
at 10:30, it had only dropped to 202.  So I took 1 more unit...  Well, this
morning it was still high... 203!!  I bolused 1 unit and will check it in
about an hour.  If it doesn't go down, I guess I'll have to change the site.
:-(   If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, please let me know.  I was
wondering if something I ate is causing this prolonged rise or what?

Thanks for all input....   Heather
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