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Re: [IP] Cabohydrates, Proteins, and Fats

In a message dated 6/21/01 9:11:04 PM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> Proteins are not carbohydrates (complex or simple).  Because 
> nachos and cheese contain not only protein but also quite a bit of fat, the 
> carbohydrates will not actually reach the blood stream as quickly as if you 
> would eat a carbohydrate eaten alone.  

Not per se they aren't carbs, but protein alone DOES convert into sugars.... 
at least in my case...LOL
If I eat fish, no butter, especially crab legs, about four hours later, I see 
a HUGE rise in sugars (like clockwork)....
I actually wore the sensor to test out certain foods, and this was one of 
them!  I had no fat in that meal, just lemon the the crab legs, a fat-free 
salad and a plain potato.
I also tested pizza which does also have the delay, but I do believe that is, 
yes, mainly from the fat slowing down the digestion, although the cheese is 
protein too....so it's a double whammy....LOL
:O)   gina
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