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Re: [IP] HTron to DTron ~ How I Did It!


A few people have emailed me and wanted to know why and/or how I was able to 
manage to switch from my non-waterproof HTron to a DTron with pretty much no 

Well, my take on the situation.  During the summer, I participate in A LOT of 
watersports.  I ski, kneeboard, and of course I am an avid fisherman.  Being 
out on the water with my pump has been no problem.  But when I received the 
letter from Disetronic on March 17, 2001 stating my HTron was no longer 
waterproof, I was very concerned.  Whether or not those situations have 
occured, i.e. the cartridge emptying anywhere from 200 units and so on 
because of water getting inside the housing, this worried me.  

I looked at it this way.  If I continue to wear my pump on the water with 
whatever activity I am doing, it will get wet.  But say something happens to 
MY pump and it delivers 250 units into me, I am screwed and Disetronic is NOT 
LIABLE, I AM!!!!!  Because they sent out the warning that the pump is no 
longer waterproof, I am at risk, along with others that use the HTron near 
water.  Also, I bought the HTron for the #1 reason being that it was 

(I know of the repeated tests that Disetronic has tried to "replicate" these 
different situations, and they have found nothing.  I DON"T CARE.....IT COULD 

So, I called Disetronic and talked to the manager of pump support. When I 
first called they said they don't have a replacement program or anything like 
that.  Well, I called back about a week or two later and talked to the same 
lady and she had said they will do a "straight up replacement from the HTron 
to the DTron".  So, then I got ahold of my Territory Manager guy and told him 
of my situation.  He says he lets his kids use the HTrons in the pools and 
doesn't worry about it, but he totally understands the situation I was/am in. 
 So, he told me the DTrons were on back-order back in the beginning of May.  
So I gave him my Disetronic customer # and he told Disetronic that I wanted a 
new one.

Here I am, almost 4 months after I received the letter.......I am getting my 
new DTron tomorrow.  I can't wait.

A good contact at Disetronic to talk with is the manager of pump support.
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