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[IP] pump

Jenny (12) has the Animas pump and they got approval from the insurance
company very quickly. She went on it in December and has had no problems
with the pump itself. Our problems are mostly because she forgets to
bolus. She is enjoying the freedom to snack when she wants to, but I'm
not always around to monitor and remind her to bolus.

She also has bumps at insertion sites that take a long time to heal. Any
suggestions would be helpful. She is using the Comfort cannula and we
have not tried anything else.

I just discovered that she is reusing insulin and have told her to stop.
I hope that is the reason she has been running so high. Except for the
fact that I hate to waste anything, our mail order pharmacy is very
inexpensive on humalog (3 months supply for a $10 copay).

She does not do her own record keeping unless she is away from home.
Some days we do well to get her to check her glucose levels and I don't
mind doing the recording for now. I just ordered the software to go with
her new One Touch Ultra glucometer. That should make things a lot
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