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[IP] Cartridges and remaining insulin

My animas cartridge holds 300 units.  I only use 25 to 30 units per day and 
change my site every 3 days.  Many times I using the same tubing twice.  But 
after two site changes I still have insulin left.  I just put on a whole new 
site and tubing and continue until my cartridge runs empty.  I get a low 
cartridge warning at 20 units which is enough for me to plan ahead and now 
about exactly when it will run out.  If I am going to be away from home I 
will change it early otherwise I just wait until I get the empty cartridge 
beep and then change in immediately.  I have not had any problems doing 
this.  My cartridge lasts anywhere from 9 to 10 days depending on what meals 
I have eating during that time.  I know if I am ever out in the heat I may 
have to change earlier but no problems so far.
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