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Re: [IP] Insulim pumps

Hi Carol,
    I'm new to the insulin pumpers site. Been reading EVERYTHING on it since
last month.  My son, Johnny (age 9) Starts pumping this coming Monday.  We
went with the Animas pump (as did many other parents in his support group).
We have been VERY satisfied with the way they handled our insurance company
(they got us our pump within 2 weeks of the doctor saying it was ok to put
Johnny on the pump. When I inquired with our insurance company a couple
months ago, they said it would have to be reviewed by the board after they
got a request from the doctor and would take a while for an answer because
there had to be a GOOD reason for him to be on the pump)  Their rep came
over to the house 3 days later and explained how it worked (was here 1 1/2
hours).  The pump is menu driven (check it out on their site
www.animascorp.com  They have a virtual pump that you can actully see and
practice programing the pump on line). They sent me the book "Pumping
Insulin" by John Walsh (a $25.00 value) when I inquired about it for free!.
     By reading all the e-mail on this site, I've heard about all the
problems people have had with Mini-med pumps and reps. and Desitronics
h-thron pumps and reps,with infusion sets, pump malfunctions and not being
able to get batteries or getting bad batteries.  Animas' pump uses regular
button #357 batteries that you can always get at any drugstore or hardware
store.  You don't need a special battery that only they can supply. I even
got a follow up call from the rep that came out to our house to see if we
had any more questions about the pump or how it worked (since we've had a
week to play with it). I'll let you know our experience with the pump itself
after we start using it.  Two close friends who's kids use the Animas pump
(and have been since January) have said they have had a few small problems,
but have had them taken care of right away by calling Animas. They're both
quite happy.
   I guess it all boils down to what pump your insurance company ok's and
what you read from others on this site. Look into the archive e-mails too.
Good luck!  Sorry so long.
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