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[IP] D-Tron deffects???

I have been pumping with the D-Tron since last November. For the most
part I have been thrilled with it however....

Since starting to use it I have had the following situation occur to me
3 times.  When rewinding the piston, it would get stuck and would not
fully  rewind to the start position. The first time this occurred, it
was lodged halfway back. I tried everything I could think of and then I
panicked and called Disetronics who said they would have to exchange it
with a new pump.  Since then, this has occurred 2 more times on the new
pump I received. However, both times it has stopped when it is about
>95% back to the start position. At this position  I have been able to
get cartridges without any real force. What usually happens next is that
for that cartridge I don't get warnings at 20 units left, but it fully
rewinds the next time and operates just fine from there
I'm curious if anyone else on the D-Tron has had this occur, or if any
other pumps have had similar  problems?

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