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Re: [IP] Insulin reserving

Usually when I'm changing sets, I use the 40-60 units to hand prime my new 
infusion set so that the new cartridge can be a completely full set.  I would 
not recommend saving or reusing the 40-60 units for any other purpose.  I 
learned the hard way......

Back when I was a new pumper in about 1987, I thought it was a waste to leave 
the 20 units or so in the tubing and thought I would draw that back into my 
reservoir to prime my next set.....well that was before I met that ugly fiend 
Staphylococcus.  After two massive infections I figured out how stupid I was 
for considering that insulin waste.

As long as you only use the remaining insulin to prime your pump and not to 
save for the future, you'll be fine.  Any other use could really constitute 
using unsterile insulin because at the end of that long infusion tube it has 
been in contact with your body.

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