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Re: [IP] infusion set blues


>From your description of you difficulties in finding an acceptable infusion 
set to use, your frustration about the NPH affecting you differently every 
day may actually have come from differences in absorption of the insulin.  It 
is well known that muscle speeds the absorption of insulin.

As for sites, I have never had a problem finding enough fat, but when I used 
bent needles, I found the outside lower part of my upper arm to be a good 
site.  It took a LOT of manuvering to get the set put in there because I 
would do it one handed, but I did find that I had good luck there.  
Otherwise, I'd suggest you be consistent about where you insert the set so 
that your absorption rate stays fairly the same.  Oh, and I never had a 
problem with infections or hard spots in my arms like I can sometimes have 
with the softsets.  Just clean well.

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