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[IP] infusion set blues

Well, like I said I've just started with the 508 after
a really difficult and unpredictable 6 months of NPH
acting very differently in my system every day. One
day I would be fine and the next day I would literally
be drinking a two liter bottle of coke and whatever
else I could find (and never wind up high later!). 
This is all after 5 years of the same moderately
effective routine with NPH. Scary. Anyway, I guess it
was a blessing because I gave into my endo who's been
dying to put me on the pump. I have had a hard time
finding an infusion set. I tried the...oh crap, you
know, all the this-sets and that-sets. In the thigh
(no good), the upper buttock and the belly.  Finally
after a near successful bout with the silhouettes, I
wound up with the bent needle. Apparently I'm thin
enough that the plastic cannula kinks on insertion.
Bent needles are mildly archaic, but at this point I'm
craving some constant.  
I need these sets to work - three have worked so far
in a row.  
Sorry for the novelette, but this is one of the first
times I've tried talking to other diabetics, and the
first time I've reached out to other pump users. If
anyone out there is using the bent needle, please let
me know the most comfortable place you put them. I've
been really depressed, but I've been coming out of it
as I've started to figure this pump thing out. Thanks
for including me on the site. I promise my next entry
will be shorter!!! 

 > email @ redacted writes:
> > I've had a VERY hard time finding the 
> >  right infusion set as I'm very thin
> What sets have you tried?  Knowing that will help
> others to give you some 
> suggestions on alternatives you could try . . .
> Lyndy

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