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[IP] committing dentistry

I haven't posted in a while (been having problems
with email, hopefully now resolved), but I just
wanted to crow a little about a personal victory.

A few months ago I did some moaning on the list 
about how I knew I needed to get to the dentist,
but I hadn't been in years, and I was scared and
embarassed and so forth, especially about the
state of my gums. And yes, I know that gum disease 
and other dental problems are one of the potential 
complications of diabetes. I got some encouragement 
from folks on the list to get to the dentist. So,
having publicly whined about the situation, I feel
a responsibility to report on the outcome.

I found a good dentist (recommended by a very 
picky friend), and had my first appointment in 
March. The bad news: I had to go back for five
more appointments -- two for scaling and root
planing, aka deep cleaning, and three to repair
some old fillings and fill some new cavities.
The good news: it's over now (last appointment
was yesterday), it was virtually painless (the
worst part was getting the novocaine), and my
gums, though not in wonderful shape, aren't
in disastrous shape, either. Oh, the other good
part: nobody yelled at me or made me feel bad
for having neglected my teeth. They just acted
glad that I'd come in at last.

In other words, I shoulda done it long ago, but
considering everything, I've been lucky. And now,
armed with my water pik and my sonic toothbrush,
with a gentle but firm dentist to look after me
from now on, I'm on the road to Proper Dental 

Thanks, folks.

/Janet Lafler
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