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Re:[IP] im the biggest moron there is ;)

tonight after drinking almost 2 litres ( almost 50 oz. is what i drank)  of
pop i realized it was not diet !!
what the heck do i do now?? I am not on the pump so i took a shot of humalog
insulin (10 u ). Tested my blood it was 300.  Yikes yikes....  after  1/2
hour my blood went down to 230  THANK GOD!! i will test agian in 1/2 hour.
You can count those carbs just like any other carbs. Lessee, label says 26g
carbs/8oz , you drank 50oz=162g carbs(!!) x your insulin ratio=your bolus.
Sounds like a lot of insulin at once, so Id keep a close watch on the bgs
for a few hours. Maybe a square wave would be good in a case like this??
Dont know. Remember YMMV.
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