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[IP] Re: Death from diabetic coma

>>I just recently read where a 46 year old man died from a
diabetic coma.
How does this happen?  Do your bg's go above 1000 or what?
I'm a little
confused.  My sugars have been above 600 but I didn't even
end up in the
hospital. Do you have to be running high bg's for a long
period of time
to go into a coma?..Would someone please shed some light on
this matter.<<

Diabetic coma is an outdated term used to describe either
DKA or hyperosmolar hyperglycemic nonketotic syndrome. Type
1s can die from untreated DKA, and Type 2s can die from
HHNKS. There is more detail to explain the differences, but
a good place to look is the diabetes.org site.

Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE
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