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Re: [IP] Nachos

> The other night, my husband and I went out to dinner.  It was a very
> hot night -(we live outside the Boston area) and decided to share
> some nachos with melted cheese.  I figure nachos to be loaded with
> carbs and bolus 3 units to cover me for less than half the nachos. 
> Somehow at the end of the meal, my sugar was at 32 and I couldn't
> understand why that had happened.  I knew that it would go up later
> - so I lowered my basal for an hour and sure enough -it
> progressively rose for the rest of the evening.  How could I have
> handled this better - square or dual wave??  Thanks in advance. 

All the cheese (protein) converts slowly to carbs over anywhere from 
3-7 hours depending on how fast your system can digest it. The same 
is true for pizza (but not the super market frozen kind which is 
chintzy). A BIG steak, couple of hamburgers, etc... will produce the 
same affect. Don't recall the conversion factor offhand, someone???
but it is straighforward to account for massive amounts of protein. A 
square wave or simply a bolus a couple of hours later will fix the 
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