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Re: [IP] Type 1 and DKA

My 10 3/4yo daughter is considered in good control for her age
(A1C 7.8% a few weeks ago) and she still gets ketones when her
sites come out (or go "bad") or if she's ill. I don't think a
lower A1C would make any difference there (in fact, I know it

>From what I understand (paraphrasing Understanding
Insulin-Dependent Diabetes by H. Peter Chase, pg 139), for *some*
people with diabetes who still make some of their own insulin,
the machinery for making ketones is shut off, for up to several
years. But to my knowledge it has absolutely nothing to do with
the A1C. And it doesn't even appear to be related to the level of

Lazar said:
OK! Sorry,
but set yourself at HBA1c of 7 and then check for ketones..
Check fine, ok? And then tell me what you see. OK?

Take care, Kerri  
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