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Re: [IP] Death From A Diabetic Coma?


  I ended up in a diabetic coma 5 years ago and was given a 17% chance of
living.  I can't explain why it happens but i can tell why i ended up in a
coma and that might help you to better understand.  I was ill witht he flu ,
sugars running high for about 3 days, well i ended up with
ketoasatosis,(didin;t know it though) went to sleep and ended up a couple of
days later coming out of it with tubes, iv's , breathing tubes and wondering
what happend?  I have also been in intensive care several times from
ketoasatosis.  I was told it is crucial when your sugars get high to
constantly check for ketones ( in blood or urine) if you do have ketones,
driink lots of water and take insulin as usual.  But if it gets to the
poiunt where you are throwing up to go to the hospital!

Just my expereince my opinion

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