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You know, I think lots of folks might be forgetting one major fact - 
Don Imus's whole career is built on doing just what he did with the 
friend's insulin pump....flopping around, indeed.   He will adore 
every critical letter sent, he will likely make fun of the sender, he 
will not apologize (at least not sincerely).  This is how the man 
makes a living.  If you are offended by what he says, and I admit I 
am, then don't listen to him.......I don't!   But to write him a letter 
because you are offended over what Imus says, makes me think 
you are enabling his continuation of the same.  Just like calling 
Dennis Miller's show  - I would never do that.  He would destroy me 
in seconds(and me with a southern accent to boot).  Like he does 
every caller.   

Its sorta like my momma used to say when someone said 
something to hurt my feeling - "After all, my dear, consider the 

Do you think we might need to lighten up a bit? I mean, Really, 
consider the source.  

Didn't mean to get off on a rant here............

Bonnie Richardson
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