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[IP] separate groups and sites

Arnold said:  SNIP>>>>  What I'm wondering, is do we have enough
Mini-Med Pumpers, on this list (and I already know the answer to 
this), to possibly spin off a separate list (a sub-list) for a Mini-Med 
Question and Answer list...........

.........Also, wondering, what others do about site problems.  It 
seems that site rotation troubles everyone...............Does anyone 
have any suggestions about this kind of thing.          

Hi Arnold, 
My opinion is that I want to hear from everyone - I don't care what 
car they drive, uh I meant what pump they use.   Everyone has 
something of value to contribute, and thank goodness they have.  I 
learned everything I needed to know from this list and what kind of 
pump was never a consideration.  

Now about Site problems.  Yes I do have that problem. Many years 
of MDI and 6 years of pumping.   Being right handed, I often used 
the left side of my body abdomen and upper abdomen area for 
injections.  Consequently, that left side is pretty worn out.  I totally 
left the area alone for about 6 months.  Last few weeks I started 
back and 50% of the time I pick a bad site and have to put a new 
cannula in  (money, money, money!)   A few years back, Sara SP, 
and I agreed that we needed a "SITE FINDER"  sorta like a stud 
finder.......(well she and I weren't talking about wall studs, but that 
is a different story).   

Just think how much money you could save if there were 
something that would tell you, like those depth thingys telling you 
how good a site was.   I use about 4 cannulas a week due to bad 
sites.  Many of us have written letters and tried in vain to get MM to 
sell cannulas seperately.   My drawer of just tubing is filling up fast, 
might send this next one to the head of Blue Cross !

Let me know if you have any suggestions about improving "old, bad 
Bonnie Richardson
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