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Re: [IP] Don Imus and the Pump

A whole bunch of you wrote, in effect, that:
>... Diabetes is no laughing matter ...

Actually, I think it frequently is. I'm just not clever enough to think of 
a punch line. <g>

I regret I don't have the opportunity to listen to Imus any more. The guy 
was hilarious. He picked on anyone and anything. If he offends and you 
don't take kindly to it, change the station. Sending mail about how 
offensive he is misses the point. The guy's offensive to EVERYBODY, which 
is precisely why he manages to stay on the air.

Claiming to be a fan and then taking offense at his targeting of _your_ 
soft spot is hypocritical. Either you approve of his offensive style, in 
which case IMHO his joke was ballpark Imus, or you disapprove, in which 
case you don't/won't listen to him. If the latter is true, you've already 
made your point.

I can think of MUCH worse things for him to insult than someone's need for 
insulin. (No, I won't give you any ideas. Besides, I still can't think of a 
punch line. <g>)

For goodness sake, folks, LIGHTEN UP!

regards, Andy

P.S.: I've had IDDM for almost 30 years. I've yet to feel insulted about it.

P.P.S.: Anyone know any _good_ diabetes jokes? How about just some punch lines?
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