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[IP] JDRFI response to Imus

Here is the official JDRFI response to Imus.

Personally, I think it's measured, simple, straight-forward, and
non-accusatory.  We don't want to get into a confrontational position with
this guy, because, I think, it would only add fuel to the fire.

That having been said, I think all of us who have written to Imus/WFAN/CBS
should keep up the pressure, and look for a response from them more satisfying
than what we've received to date.  Let's see if they respond to our challenge
of a matching donation, or Walk contribution, or something else...


Mr. Don Imus

WFAN Radio

34-12       36th Street

Astoria, New York  11106

Dear Mr. Imus:

You touched some strong nerves with your remark about your colleague with
diabetes and his insulin pump.

In the interest of fairness I thought you'd like to be aware that for over a
million children and adults (and their parents and loved ones), living with
diabetes is no laughing matter.  As I know from copies of letters our
volunteers have sent you, you've heard first-hand what it's like.

A quick read through the enclosed material - especially our Children's
Congress Yearbook, which details the stories of close to 200 kids who will be
gathering in Washington, DC June 24th to June 27th to advocate for increased
federal funding for research to find a cure for diabetes - will give you more
first-hand accounts.

Here's to increased understanding.


Robert Moulthrop

National Director of Communications
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