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[IP] adjusting pump for changing time zones

I travel through time zones a lot.  I change the time
on my pump one hour at a time, and never more than 3
hours in one day.  It depends on how long I am going
to be gone.  I begin when I wake up on the day I am
going to travel.  Then I adjust again when I am on the
plane or when I get to my destination. If it is only a
three hour change, I wait until I get up the next day.
 If it is more than a 3 hour change, I will adjust
again when I go to sleep.  It is also important not to
adjust during an especially high basal rate.  (Better
to repeat / skip a basal closer to your 'normal'
setting).  Hope this helps,
Pumping 4 1/2 years.

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