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Re: [IP] Don Imus and the Pump

 Here is a copy of my reply to the situation:

As an individual who has had type I diabetes for 33 years (currently age 38) 
and also a wearer of an insulin pump, I am really offended at the remarks 
made at this person's expense. Diabetes is no laughing matter, especially 
when the insulin pump has finally allowed many diabetics to finally live a 
more normal life, and the medical community is trying real hard to bring this 
technology to more diabetics in order to improve their chances of avoiding 
the major complications that this disease brings. This comment made by Mr. 
Imus just may well be the first that a patient may hear about insulin pumps, 
and what impression will that leave in their mind? When their doctor suggests 
using an insulin pump, this is what will come to mind and they just may 
dismiss the idea without really considering the TRUE picture of life on an 
insulin pump and the advantages that it brings! Mr. Imus, are you prepared to 
be responsible for someone not even trying an insulin pump and eventually 
having to become an amputee, or blind, or on dialysis just because you 
painted a horrible picture of the very device that could have helped prevent 
these complications?

aka Mouse 
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