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[IP] traveling and carb counting

I just got back from my vacation in Washington DC.  It was a week packed
with seeing lots and lots.  Walking all over DC was great exercise, but
hard to plan for.  I toyed with the idea of doing temp. basal rates, but
didn't.  The walking was start and stop, not continuous.  Also I had
major difficulty estimating the carbs for my food.  (I guess I rely
heavily on the nutrition labels here at home.)

My question is:  Is there a really good small carb list that would fit in
a fanny pack?  That might have helped my estimations of the carbs.  All
week long I was either high or low.  I seldom was in a decent range.  I
know that part of the problem was all the walking and climbing hills and
steps.  (There has to be more hills and steps in DC than anywhere else in
the world.)

Just as a note:  I had no trouble with getting through airport security. 
No one even asked what the pump was.  The security people at the Senate
did question it though.  We had gallery passes to get in to the Senate
chambers while the Senate was in session.  The security people wanted to
know if the pump was a beeper.  I told them it was an insulin pump and
not to take it away.  They checked through my bag and questioned my
accucheck machine too.  I had to explain that too.  But they let me
through.  Good thing.  While we were sitting in the gallery, my blood
sugar dropped to 35.  I was able to check and eat some of the candy I
always carry.  The bill the senate was debating was the patient's bill of
rights.  Contact your senator and tell him to vote for the bill.  If
passed it will help all of us get medical equipment and medicines.  The
bill will force HMO's to not second guess what your doctor wants to do. 
No more denials for pumps and such!!!  

If any of you know of a really good carb list that's small and where it
can be purchased that would be great.  I have a carb list book from
MiniMed, but I found it to be fairly inaccurate.  The carbs this book
lists are based on the idea of 15 gm for a serving.  The amounts are
rounded up or down as needed.  I like to be more precise.

Thanks, Janet
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