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[IP] How to define and set HBA1c limits - practical way of

Hi All,

Please take my words as they are - not scientifically based, but personally
Feel free to say "wrong", but say why and what to change.

Assumption 1: (A1)
	We all know, that to be in control we must do some math with Carbs.
Assumption 2: (A2)
	We all do Blood Sugar monitoring to keep the BS under control before
and after meals by Bolusing
	and use Basals to keep the BS between meals and be up morning in
good shape (and good BS).
Assumption 3: (A3)
	We all do HBA1c once in 2 or 3 months to know if our Type 1 or Type
2 is under specific limits
	as told by our Doctors.

If we succeed in A1, A2 and then see the results by A3 we say - OK, all done
- keep it and go.

The struggle:
1. HBA1c is differently measured by different equipment (How different?)
2. Our meters are 20% up and down by definition of the Manufacturers. Add to
this the technology they are
built on, we have meters of 12% up (like FreeStyle = measurements made in
Hospitals) and meters 12% down (like
No exit...
After 23 years of doing nothing specific about my Type 1, I connected to the
508 and
opened "Experimental Site" on my body.
3 months work making 11 BS samples per day, counting all Carbs, including
those in Snacks
and shuffling between 2 meters (Acutrend and FreeStyle) gave me the idea,
that I must set the
lower and upper limit relative to my "out of control trigger points".

 I have 2 :

The first, was near 55 mg/dl, after that I have reaction and climbed to 220
very fast.
The second was ~180, after that I loosed my control while bolusing for 3
Adding 20% for the LOW Limit and sub 20% for the HIGH Limit I ended with
Low = 70 and High =150. AVG of 110  = HBA1c of 5.7 or 5.8.
My 3 months experiments ended with HBA1c of 6.3 (Hospital measurement),
while my
tests (993 samples) said I must be at AVG of 130 ( HBA1c between 6.3 and
Bad Meters, bad Sampling, bad Counting, bad Times with out of control etc...
all is averaged smooth with time.
Please your comments

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