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Hello Everyone:
        I have a couple of points I'd like to offer to the list, and
possibly, if everyone is agreeable, maybe get something set-up as an
ongoing thing.
     So, here goes:
        I have seen names and introductions from individuals currently
working for pump manufacturers,  I'm a Mini-Med 508 User, and I know that
I've seen Mini-Med mentioned.  What I'm wondering, is do we have enough
Mini-Med Pumpers, on this list (and I already know the answer to this), to
possibly spin off a separate list (a sub-list) for a Mini-Med Question and
Answer list.
        I know that in my case, lots of times things come up that I can
get answers to by calling the 1-800 number, but can wait (not immediately
needed) until later on.
        I'm wondering if others think as I do, and should there be enough
of us out there, cna something like this be engineered.  It would depend
upon Mini-Med's assistance, plus people to administer a new list.  I would
be willing to work on this end of the project.
        Also, wondering, what others do about site problems.  It seems
that site rotation troubles everyone.  I have gotten to the point that,
when moving from place to place, if the new site is not meaty-enough,
the catheter tip tends to really hurt upon insertion, and once the needle
is removed, lots of times the site will go from good delivery to
no-delivery really quickly.
        Does anyone have any suggestions about this kind of thing.
Type-1 Diabetic (Since 1980)
MM508 (Since Dec. 2000)
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