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Re: [IP] adjusting pump for changing time zones

Molly Walsh wrote:
>I  would really appreciate learning what others do when traveling through 
>several time zones.  My family will be going from Boston to Paris on 
>Friday and I'm not sure how to adjust my daughter's pump.  She uses 10 
>different basal rates  for her pump and they vary from 1 U/hr between 12 m 
>and 2 am, and by 4 am drops to .45 U/hr.  I have no idea how to adjust for 
>the time zones with such drastic fluctuations in basal rate.

My advice is to make the switch to the destination time as soon as the 
plane takes off. (Change your watch, pump clock and bg tester clock.) Then 
set a temporary basal equal to the average hourly basal used throughout the 
day and leave it there for the rest of the flight. Since it'll suddenly be 
the middle of the night, DON'T EAT THE MEAL -- behave just as you would at 
destination time. Test and adjust with food or bolus as needed.

It takes the body a day to get used to each hour of time change, so a six 
hour change will take the better part of a week. (That's jet lag.) You 
might consider setting the bolus to a constant value and monitoring 
frequently throughout the whole trip. (Who knows. You may even discover 
that you don't need 10 different basals.)

regards, Andy
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