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re: [IP] Don Imus and the Pump

BRAVO, STEVE!  What a great letter & a great
suggestion!  I'm going to mimic you (the
sincerest form of flattery).
Shelly V., mom to Luke, 6, pumping 3/5/01

Just got an email from one of my JDRF buddies - who
tells me there is a commercial promoting the Imus in
the Morning talk show - relating to his producer,
Eddie Scozzare - who is an insulin pumpers.  Imus
apparently jokes that he;d like to "rip the pump off
Scozzare so they could watch him flop around".

A couple of links.....



I opted for another route, sending an email to a bunch
of addresses I found on the WFAN web site, including
the station manager, program director, news director,
promotions department, etc.  Here's my letter, along
with some of those email addresses.  Feel free to fire
away.  However, keep it civil and straightforward.  I
think that's a better way to go...
Steve Winer

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