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RE: [IP] Type 1 and DKA

At 12:34 PM 6/19/2001 Lazar Kaufman wrote:
 >Fine and Nice!
 >I am now (from the last week) at 6.3 and will step to 5.7 in 2 months
 >I know that, because I do GlucoProtein (Fructosamine) test every week.
 >So, HBA1c = 13 is equivalent to Blood Sugar of 300 in average. You
 >say no ketones? Fine! I want to believe you. Also, I will check myself
 >about ketones very soon. I will be back with the results
 >Have a nice day

 From what I understand, different laboratories may produce different A1c 
results because there is no universal standard. Therefore, it's very 
difficult to compare numbers precisely. Also, some people have great 
difficulty controlling their BG swings no matter what they do. I happen to 
be one of those people. I can eat the same things and have the same 
activity levels on two separate days with radically different results. Even 
my basal levels go through variable swings that makes it even more 
difficult to control. I'm glad to get my A1c below 7.9 and my doctor tells 
me that on our scale, a reading in the low 7's is very good for a diabetic.

That's why we always say "Your Mileage My Vary" (YMMV)... or in other 
words, everyone is different. We should always be very careful not to judge 
others by our own results. What is easy for one person, may be totally 
impossible for another.

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