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[IP] yesterday's doc appointment- A1c + research?

I had an appointment with my endo yesterday, so I wanted to share some good 
news.  In April, at my first appointment, my A1c was 10.8.  1 month later it 
was 9.6.  Yesterday, 1 month later, it was 8.6!  Yay!  This doc is so great, 
he's really working with me, giving me encouragement, and so much new info 
and things to try...and he's at the Joslin clinic in FL, so he has a lot of 
resources, too.

He also asked me to be a part of a study for a pill that Lilly is producing 
to help prevent retinopathy from progressing.  It's supposed to inhibit a 
protein, or something like that.  No side effects.  I'm really excited, 
because even if I am in the placebo group, this drug sounds great.  It's a 3 
year study, though.  I'm now wondering, what if I get pregnant before it's 
over?  My boyfriend and I plan on getting married in a year or so, and 
having a baby in a couple years.  And what if I get a promotion at work to 
an office in another state?  I have a meeting/screening to go to in 2 weeks, 
so I guess I'll find out then.  Has anyone else been in a research study?  
I'd love to hear of your experiences.

Thanks for letting me share!
And thank you SO MUCH for all your wonderful support during my 
frustrated/angry/depressed slump the past couple of weeks.  I don't know 
what I'd do without you!
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